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NYALOX, the original abrasive nylon brushes, has been redesigned to improve performance over a broader range of uses.

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Abrasive Brushes – Nylon abrasive brushes from Brush Research are well suited for light deburring and general surface finishing. Place an order for abrasive nylon

Abrasives; Bands; Belts (Surface Conditioning [NWN] and Coated) Carbide Burrs – Dynaburr; Discs For Disc Sanders (2″ Dia. to 9″ Dia.) Discs For Random Orbital Sanders

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! !www.feltoninc.com Felton’s Metal Strip Brushes! Description Aluminum Extrusions/Flex-Guard® (stocked brushes) H-Strip Standard Sizes/Shapes and Designs

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Abrasive Nylon Brushes Abrasive grit encapsulated into the extruded nylon filament allows an abrasive nylon brush to perform deburring, edge blending, and

Superseal brushstrip: Special brushstrip: Rollerbrush and punched knot: Anti-static brushes: Seals for doors and windows: Escalator Safetystrip: Wire and abrasive

Wheel Brushes Wheel brushes provide straight line brushing action, for surface finishing, cleaning and polishing, weld blending, deburring, and removal of

Abrasive Nylon Brushes 101

Brush Research Manufacturing offers a variety of abrasive nylon brushes including nylon cup brushes. Learn more about our nylon brushes by contacting us.

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