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Vixen Nexus. Another softer and more flexible double-ender, the main difference between this toy vs the Share and Feeldoe is that it was never intended to stay in

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How to Use an Enema An enema can be bought at a drugstore, and you can administer it yourself

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Featuring: Missy, Veronica Length: 39 minutes Advanced Enema Techniques! Missy and Veronica trade enemas with DOUBLE-BALLOON INFLATABLE NOZZLES.

The new style of double balloon catheter has the small end of the balloon at the front of the catheter. This style is a lot easier to insert the catheter into the anus.

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Clyster (also spelled `glister’ in the 17th Century) is an archaic word for enema, more particularly for enemas administered using a clyster syringe – that is

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Enema fun Inserting the nozzle, the warm water gently filling you up, the wait, the urgency, the complete clean feeling that lasts the rest of the day

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Hi Jacob, Unfortunately I do not know much about the Sigmoidoscopy procedure. In general I would not recommend fleet enemas, but in your case you will have to stick

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