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This year, the NBA decided to give out all of its regular-season awards at once, and to have them presented at an interminable awards show that aired last night, more

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Hey, here’s lovable galoot Joel Embiid saying “Fuck LaVar Ball” on Instagram Live:

According to a report in Montreal newspaper La Presse, the number of Americans being denied entry to Canada is growing rapidly.

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Yea, I haven’t played the ranger difficulty but heard that it is the one proper way to play through the game if you want a good challenge. Ooooohhhh, actually, I

Awoken Persephone is a dark and water element monster. It is a 7 stars attacker, devil monster which costs 35 units and it has 2 skills in Puzzle & Dragons. The skill

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In early June of 1967, at the onset of the Six Day War, the Pentagon sent the USS Liberty from Spain into international waters off the coast of Gaza to monitor the

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The disappearance of Arctic sea ice is a well-documented trend with a well-established cause. But this past summer, Earth scientists were startled to see Antarctic

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In the wild, bat rays feast on mollusks, crustaceans, and small fish swimming along the sea floor, their preferred habitat. Bats use their strong teeth to crush clams

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Dec 04, 2010 · The Story Behind the Video: http://brewman.net/videos/ Dan Deacon and Liam Lynch THE Original! *Please Rate and Subscribe*

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