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A weak erection tends to be a common problem among men combating ejaculation. The penis resembles an elevator: it goes up then down and then up again, all

Find out if penis size matters to women or not. We tell you the average penis size and length as well.

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Answers to penis problems, men and mans’ masturbation problems sent in by readers

We asked a team of anonymous straight men to tell us exactly what it feels like to put their penis inside a vagina. The answers were fascinating.

| Penis problems including bending and twisting; discharge; red,sore and itchy; odd-looking patch; opening in the wrong place; changing colours; size; and tight foreskin

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Dick is an English language euphemism used for a variety of slang purposes, some generally considered vulgar. It is used to refer to the penis, and by extension as a

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The penis is the part of a male’s body that varies the most from one person to another. Many mans worry that there is

Everyone is unique, but what is considered ‘normal’ when it comes to penis size, shape and colour? Sexologist, Gabrielle Morrisey, answers five of the most

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