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Having an orgasm and ejaculating are two different things. They usually happen together. For many men, a powerful ejaculation is the best part of an orgasm.

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We asked real men to reveal to us how they feel after an orgasm. We all know that men love sex, and that men love having orgasms. We even know how they feel when they

The famous movie scene in “When Harry Met Sally” encapsulates how the media depicts women having orgasms: moaning, guttural groans, grunting.

Jul 22, 2007 · You always wanted to know more about it One of the fragments from “When Harry Met Sally” shot at Katz’s. This

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Contrary to popular belief, genital stimulation isn’t required for orgasm to occur. Here are five ways of reaching climax that don’t require genital touch.

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The Female Orgasm. Here is a video of a few naked teens having an orgasm during a massage. The subjects of multiple real orgasms dominate this video.

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